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Hey Jenny Jen Jen!

I noticed you are on G-chat! Can we communicado at some point? Anywhoo, I will pm my username, suprisingly it's not facefab, LOL!

Anywhoo, your month's faves are most interesting! I've not done one of these before, but maybe I will?
I don't know how you post in all these places, but who am I to talk, I'm just as bad, LOL!
I've got a food blog, but I haven't published it yet..

Why do I do this to myself? Roflol!

Beauty and anything beautiful

You have my Gmail address, add me or email me your user name then.

I don't do favorites a lot, because I use the same thing all the time, but as you see I included non-beauty stuff as well, so that's ok. LOL. Well, it's my blog anyway, so whatever.


I'm just now seeing your reply. Found an application where I can post to all my blogs at once.
Hooray for streamlining & not having to cross post. I will see how it works & will lyk.
Gonna add you to my gmail, I hope I still have the right addy, lol.

Hey, what's dogster?


Augh! I did it again...I forgot to log in before I posted, lol.

Beauty and anything beautiful

TypePad is stupid. Why don't you click on the dogster link then???

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